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I'm Mosaic Magazine's New Editor

After a year of contributing to Mosaic Magazine as a journalist and writer (and Summer 2020's Featured Contributor), I am thrilled to have been selected as the magazine's new editor following the retirement of long-time editor Lidia Alghoul.

As such, I'm much obliged to give a big thanks to all those who recommended me for the role, including past and present colleagues, community titans, and all those I've met over the course of my wild and wonderful writing career.

I look forward to working with the magazine's talented editorial team as I launch this exciting new chapter of Mosaic.

So, What Next?

As Mosaic’s new editor, I intend to supplement the magazine’s rich tradition of visual art and history with other forms of oft-overlooked art such as film, literature, performing arts, fashion, music, and more. There are so many wonderful things that fall under the umbrella of “art”; showcasing this diversity in upcoming issues will be to our creative advantage.

To represent King Township’s diverse community, I’d also like to explore the art in different cultures, from traditions to celebrations and everything in between.

Lastly, I intend to implement a stronger community aspect to Mosaic. I’m sure we can all remember the first time we saw our work displayed in public or saw our name in print, and how confident it made us feel- almost as if the world were opening up before us for the first time. If Mosaic can showcase artists who would otherwise would go unnoticed or ignored, then I think we’ve done our job well as a community-based magazine. Public submission sections (such as parents sending in their children’s artwork, amateur artists sending in their own work, and more), community polls, and other short-form creative submissions are features to keep an eye out for in future issues of the magazine.

More Information

Please send writing, photography, and art submissions, as well as suggestions and feedback, to

Interesting in volunteering with Arts Society King? Email or visit for more information.

Read the newest issue of Mosaic here.


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