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Joining the Fight Against Shining Hill Estates

I'm proud to be able to lend my voice to the growing movement against Shining Hill Estates. The article, which appears in the Toronto Star, the Newmarket Era, the St. Catherines Standard,, and more can be read here.

For those not in the know, Shining Hill Estates is attempting to develop a 155-hectare subdivision on a portion of the environmentally sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine- an area that Newmarket has specifically prohibited development on since 2003. These restrictions, of course, are ones already layered upon provincial regulations surrounding the use and future development of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Shining Hill Estates purchased the land knowing that development was prohibited upon it, and are now, as owners, seeking to have this changed.

The horrible cherry on top of this underhanded attempt to develop protected and ecologically significant lands is that Shining Hill Estates is seeking to develop one of the only undeveloped green spaces left in Newmarket's municipal boundaries.

In my opinion, the response to this request should be obvious: no.


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